Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall

Lately, the thought of where things come from has been fascinating to me. I like going to the farmer's market and buying my veggies from the same guy who works in the fields, feeling connected to the source of my sustenance. My friend Julie (awesome architect and "green adviser" at Go For Change) and my brother both turned me on to this 1970s BBC television show called Connections, that traces things through their fascinating histories, showing the subtle twists and turns in the evolution of thought that brought about things as we know them, in ways we might not realize.

Tangentially, I have been reading how to jar tomatoes and peaches, and thinking of how taking the time to prepare things at their natural peak -- with a mind for their future use -- will lead to delights down the line.

I took a walk to my local farmer's market this morning to get tomatoes, and couldn't resist some end-of-summer flowers for arranging and a decorative green squash. While going about these tasks, I started thinking about the vast garden of mint my mom has in Ohio, and how when I visit, I'd like to harvest it, dry it, and make mint tea.

Then, I decided to make mint extract from my fire escape herb garden, and this winter I'll make homemade candy canes from the homegrown mint extract. With the forethought to harvest the mint at its peak, my family will get some special confectionery treats this winter!

Mint extract requires vodka, and since I had more than I needed, I used rosemary and lavender to make vodka infusions. If you haven't had one - vodka infusions are excellent sipping drinks. They're typically served in a shot glass, and you just slowly sip to enjoy the taste.

And, who knows what these things will inspire....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Governor's Island Field Trip

Last weekend, I took the ferry to Governor's Island, and was magically transported back in time. Luckily, my camera documented the entire experience on black and white film.