Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback - Top of the Rock Field Trip

Recently, tucked safely within my Voigtlander, I came upon a roll of undeveloped film from an excursion I took with my parents to the top of Rockefeller Center back in September. I have been to the Top of Rock on a couple of occasions, and it never ceases to thrill me - it certainly provides the best view of the Empire State building from within the city - and something about the giant towering antennae hovering overhead and projecting television signals up to satellites that broadcast to millions, always makes me feel like I'm really at the heart of something.

I wanted to share a few of the shots I took this time around - trying to see the Top of the Rock from a slightly different perspective. There is something uniquely fun about developing a forgotten roll of film, and suddenly recalling what one was thinking about and experiencing at the time that one shot it.

I recommend this spot to all of my out of town guests. And, it's no joke - you really must try one of those binocular devices - you can see so many cool things all over the city for just 75 cents! (That's so cheap, they don't even put cent symbols on keyboards any more!)

Of course, you will have to pay to get up there first. But the rollar-coaster-like elevator ride is entirely worth it, in and of itself.

View a shot from my last trip to the Top of the Rock by following this link to my blog entry from last December.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Card Designs

This year, I decided to offer my clients original holiday card designs - in adherence with the trend of sending cute photos of one's kids for family and friends nationwide to post on refrigerators.

I created a couple of little graphics with the help of my friend Neil. Neil is beyond genius at design - check out his blog, The 25-Hour Day - so this was clearly a simple endeavor compared to most of what he does. I had "painted" the images with oil pastels and then scanned them. Neil helped me to make those into files shaped like the images - in other words, cut-out shapes with no background color. Then the images could be used like clip art.

I wanted the designs to be cute and festive, but fairly simple, so as to offer my clients an alternative to some of the cheesy and/or run-of-the-mill photo card options. I came up with these two designs, and posted them to a separate webpage, so that I could easily link to it here: