Thursday, December 27, 2007


December always feels to me like a time for going inward - we go to see our families, and the distant memories we carry from childhood are suddenly re-animated - the trees and animals go into hibernation - and the sun retreats for the greater part of the day to the far side of the world. So, I feel it is a wonderful time for introspection, and for the sights of winter and its quiet coldness to allow us to retreat into the depths of inner thoughts.

Still, I like to embark on little adventures at this time, so that I can experience the natural parts of winter - the clouds, the infrequently visible but sometimes dim sunsets, the life drying out of the vegetation.

This year, after hearing the Men and Boys Choir at the St. Thomas Church on 5th Avenue, I went to the Top of the Rock - the top observation deck at Rockefeller Center - on a dreary but mild day. It looked New York from the black-and-white movie days, all misty and foggy, and with the towering buildings rising up out of the sea.

I've also enjoyed gazing out beyond my Brooklyn fire escape for rare glances at fiery sunsets, and even poking my head out the window into the windy, brisk air. It's a great city pleasure to be at once perched upon a warm radiator and also leaning onto a freshly iced-over fire escape.

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