Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tee Shirt Design #1

One of the many other artistic interests I have recently begun to pursue is graphic design. I was advised by my amazing designer friend Rob to take a really good typography class as a foundation. In the spirit of exploring typography, I started designing tee shirt slogans with fonts I already have in my computer.

I have found that, as with any software program, it really is important to learn how to use all of the various tools in Illustrator. My Illustrator-savviness is far from advanced, but I was able to concoct what I think is a pretty appropriate design for my original slogan about contemporary real estates trends: "California is the new Brooklyn." (c) 2008 Sarah Sloboda

Soon, I hope to have the design available for purchase on, but in the meantime I made a custom version for my friend Jen who is moving to Nashville from Williamsburg - in her case, Nashville is the new Brooklyn.


Cathleen said...

Could you make one that says "Brooklyn is the new Brooklyn"? I bet most people don't know about Brooklyn, aka 44144...

jenm said...

i love my tshirt! i'm sending you a photo of me wearing it once i get down there.