Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Critique - My Latest Web Update

In a more formal classroom setting, I would be required to put my work up on the walls from time to time for all of my colleagues to review and critique. In the spirit of that, I would like to invite anyone reading this to have a look at my latest web update. It features all kinds of new shots from child model test shoots this spring.

I will be excited to get some feedback - is the work speaking to you? Does it seem to achieve what it sets out to achieve?

You may email me directly, or post your comments here - whichever you prefer.

Here is the link: SARAH SLOBODA | photography

1 comment:

Emily said...

Sarah, the latest shots are fantastic. To me, the setting is well lit, bright and effervescent. . . like your subjects, who seem as though they just refueled with a grilled cheese and apple juice and are back at play. . . completely natural, yet willing to ham (as kids are wont to do!). It's my favorite set of your images yet. . . fabulous.