Friday, July 25, 2008

Farm-Fresh Wedding Planning

My upcoming-wedding clients, Christina and Andy, invited me to visit the grounds of the Blue Hill at Stone Barns with them in preparation for their wedding, which will take place there in September. I loved visiting this gorgeous little farm! Christina has her own blog about "planning a farm-chic affair," called A Farm Fresh Wedding, featuring all kinds of unique details, including the amazing letterpress invitations that she designed herself!

The Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant sits on grounds owned by the Rockefeller estate, not far from New York City, in Pocantico Hills. The surrounding farm produces all of the produce and food for the restaurant, and the restaurant's menu fluctuates, depending on what's available on the farm. They have a 22,000 square foot greenhouse where they grow all sorts of lettuce and other vegetables. It is the largest greenhouse that exists for the purpose of supplying organic produce for a restaurant in the entire country.

They let us wander around and explore the farm at our leisure, and we had a lot of fun doing that. Christina had wanted to show me their flock of sheep, but when they were off in a distant meadow, we decided to walk through the forest to where the piglets were nesting! The piglets were so funny, how they splashed and snorted in the mud. All along the path through the forest were vines of raspberries (of which we sneaked a few), and while we were walking, a deer scampered across in front of us, much to my delight.

I'm excited to shoot Christina & Andy's wedding, and get to create some cool portraits of them on the grounds. I had a chance to bond with them on our excursion, and I really feel appreciation for them as individuals. It
was great to have a chance to see the farm once, too, so now I am already having visions of the images I'll want to create. Thanks for an awesome day, Christina & Andy!

Pictured above are two muddy piglets!

To view more photos, follow this link to my flickr site.

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cdm said...

Loved our farm day Sarah! What great shots...