Thursday, May 14, 2009


One late afternoon, the large crystal vase sitting on my table caught the window light, just so, and created an amazing display of refracted light on the wall behind it.

These are a series of photos I shot:

I loved seeing the way the light shot forth in sprays as the sun shone upon the glass. It was fascinating to see the deliberateness with which the light was fragmented - how much a simple piece of curved crystal could accomplish in terms of altering incoming light. It made me ponder our perceptions, and the way the lens through which we peer has everything to do with what we perceive. This simple glass vase completely refabricated the way I experienced sunlight on that particular afternoon.

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InspirationalSheila said...

Beautiful, Sarah. As much as I love, and photograph, reflections, I've never paid attention to crystal refractions. Will have to check it out.

You would probably love the work of Gisele Haselbarth. I was totally enthralled when I saw it in a show a couple of months ago. It is totally natural, no enhancement with Photoshop.