Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Photo Tip #6

Make a scene.
Kids are amazing. You can feel their tenderness when you're close, and you can see the independence of their spirit, even at a distance. Try creating a scene around your child, or rather, plop the child right into an unusual or beautiful scene. Don't be afraid to step back and show the landscape - your child's figure silhouetted against a special backdrop will forever conjure memories of when she was that small.

Landscapes from rolling hills to parks to cityscapes are wonderful backgrounds to use, particularly early in the morning or as the sun goes down in the evening, when the light is most angular, and thereby, dramatic. Think creatively about real-world scenery in which your child would be distinctly juxtaposed - something outside the playground and a little unexpected. Live near the mountains or the ocean? Immerse yourself and your child in the views that surround you, and create for yourself some memorable experiences and keepsakes.

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