Monday, February 18, 2008

February in Boston - Field Trip

Another little excursion to Boston - this time to see the premiere of Kyle's play, Trigger, in Cambridge - yielded some fun photos, whilst taking in the sights. I had a lot of fun getting this shot of the skyscraper reflecting the clouds, from our 16th floor hotel window.

We also visited the Old North Church, where, as I wrote on the postcard I sent to my parents, "Paul Revere did the lantern thing." It was pretty cool - it is still a functioning Episcopal church, and all the pews are private little booths with doors on them.

For more photos from the latest trip to Boston, visit my flickr site! (Coming Soon.)

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Cathleen said...

Dude, that is like my favorite building in Cleveland, aka 55. Love those reflections. Old North Church is one of my favorites, too -- studied that one in architecture class a hundred years ago.