Friday, June 20, 2008

Modeling for Angela Cappetta - the results!

The photos that Angela Cappetta took of me have been submitted to the stock house and are now ready for license! I was very excited when Angela shared this tip with me:

Go to

Click on "creative."

Type "Cappetta" in the search box.

Voila! Fun photos of me modeling with cupcakes. I especially like the face I'm making when it looks like I'm about to bite into that slice of cake. I did eat quite a few cupcakes that day, as I recall...

And, check out Angela's other work, too! She's an incredible documentary-style photographer, with an unbelievably quirky eye. Her work alternately cracks me up and makes me think. I love her. I especially love her shots of the burning chair, which you will also see on her Getty page. (Follow the link below to visit her website.) Enjoy!

Angela is one of my mentors and I simply adore her work. There is such a subtlety of tone to the way she captures a moment, that I can feel her hand as an artist when I view her images - the same way I feel it when I look at the most successful paintings in museums. She is truly a genius.

Angela has that gift that young artists are always seeking to find - that "je ne sais pas" that is uniquely hers. It is real substance, real emphasis on the perspective of the artist, unlike so many of the images that pass by our eyes every day in the media, purposely intended to relate to the perspective of you the viewer, rather than give voice to something as subtle as the shooter's innermost thoughts about what she or he is observing. Angela is an excellent modern-day role model for young artists because her vision is so distinct. Instead of trying to emulate anyone else, she pushes the "self" in her work to be more and more evident - which is what only a great artist of any time is capable of.

Did I mention that I LOVE the burning chair?

photos by: Angela Cappetta

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