Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Solstice

Summer is such a glorious time of year! The sun's intense energy is high, and it seems like the whole wide world is in full bloom with possibilities.

Below is a shot I took on my recent trip to Ohio - it is a pathway in the garden surrounding Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio, the historic mansion belonging to the Sieberling family (Mr. Sieberling was the founder of Goodyear, the tire company). Look how lush the trees are!

Even the night air is warm in the summer time - one of my favorite delights is taking a walk through the city on a mild evening after dark. This year, there is some flowering tree that must have had a good season, because everywhere I go, all around New York, I can smell its brilliant fragrance. I don't know what it is, but it is sweet, and fresh, and strong - inspiring qualities, if I say so myself!

Summer is the time for little excursions and adventures, as well as putting projects into full swing. Somehow, it seems like everything is heightened all at once. I both want to go on more little vacations, and also work my hardest this time of year. Is it because the days are so long? Is it because the weather is so pleasant that I want to maximize it both for pleasure and for productivity?

Whatever it is, nature does it again, always knowing exactly the right season for everything. Summer's energy is so big, it's hard to ignore nature this time of year, as it provides gift after gift of pleasant sights (blue skies, plants in bloom), pleasant feelings (soft air on skin, warmth), pleasant smells (flowers, plants, fresh air), and pleasant tastes (strawberries!). I'm no hippie, but the summer sure makes me think I could have been one.

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Rachel said...

This is the birch tree path!! I totally recognized it - one of my favs at Stan Hywet (along with the Japanese Garden). I'm so jealous that you were here. xo